Our strong focus on the customer relationship management has given us a deer insight into the tastes and needs of the consumer which helps us devise the right marketing strategy for your project.

Marketing your project is not about glossy brochures and advertisements... it is about targeting and understanding market demand, crafting the product that meets that demand. Conceiving an efficient, multifaceted and customized strategy to reach buyers with compelling messages... and executing. The most successful projects are marketing driven from the start.

BKS brings hands on industry-wide perspective to the task.

We assemble and lead teams of communications specialists - graphic designers, media buyers, internet marketers, PR experts, and others - to develop and deploy.

Comprehensive project marketing strategies:

Market Vision

PR Strategy

Project Branding

Marketing Allainces

Consumer Rsearch

Overall Marketing Management

Mearketinging Budgeting & Roporting

Model Flat Design

Strategic Market Planning

Sales Office Setup

Collateral Development

Project Model Creation

LAW Generation Programs

Participation in Trade Fairs / Exhibitions


We understand the importance of a process based approach and believe in providing top quality consultancy services. Our people are our biggest strengths and they love to go the extra mile to understand your needs and provide you a completely customised solution.

The pillars working round the clock behind this advisory firm are all professionally qualified with a strong real estate background. This strong knowledge of the market standards and the new happenings help them to make a better background. This strong knowledge of the market standards and the new happenings help them to make a better offering to their clients.

Investor bank: The firm has a strong rapport with both the developer as well as the investor fraternity and can hence provide lucrative opportunities at the early stages of any project. The developers can leverage on our investors data bank to push early sales; and the investors can benefit by getting special deals before the formal launch of the project.

At BKS - we have only focus and that is you!

B.K.S Realcon Pvt. Ltd.